Young Fox - Sky Beats Gold

Two years after the release of their debut EP Predecessors, Pittsburgh's Young Fox returns with Sky Beats Gold, a beautifully layered and moody discourse aimed directly at perpetual questions; the material vs. the immaterial; the closing gap between what we've become and what we've feared; empty hands and empty hearts; the darker spectrum of the human experience.

Sonically, Sky Beats Gold mirrors its brooding thematic aesthetic to near perfection. Dark and driving drums lay the foundation for intricate guitar work, and aggressive instrumentation combines seamlessly with soaring and confident vocal melodies. Each moment is purposeful; an impressive balance of cause and effect. Translation: a big rock record. The drive of Thrice with the complexity of Sunny Day Real Estate. The accessibility of Foo Fighters with the emotion of Manchester Orchestra. The album also features a cameo from Stephen Christian of Anberlin on the track Slow Burn.

When asked about the band's influences, guitarist Marty Lunn (also a member of heavily influential metal outfit Zao) offered a metaphor. "We all have similar roots, but it's our individual branches and leaves that make the band unique - this has certainly influenced how this album sounds. A lot of 90's inspiration is definitely present." And if you love The Smashing Pumpkins, Death Cab For Cutie, Tool, Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Muse, Third Eye Blind, you will surely find comfort in the sound of Young Fox.

Stream Sky Beats Gold on Spotify and watch the lyiric video for the leading single Sometimes The Monsters Win here.

MY FOREVER: The clarity of uniqueness venerdì, 24 marzo 2017 23:01 by madseason
My Forever - Clarity

Alternative rockers My Forever, from Leeds, UK, are back with some awesome new music.

The band, that have reached the heights of mainstream radio by combining themes of escapism, love, sex, heartbreak and hope with grandular guitar, synth driven rock, released their new, independent EP, Clarity, last week, on March 19.

To work on Clarity, the group decided to rent a converted chapel, now house in the vast countryside of north England, locked themselves away and began recording in April 2016. Guitar player James Mallinson recalls, "The escape from normality gave us time to really capture our sound and build on something that collectively we feel is very unique. It fits the modern rock format but it is its own entity and can only be recognized as being My Forever. We feel we have our own voice that people can instantly relate to and that's very important to us." Work on the record continued throughout the Summer and Autumn 2016, across various studios in England and New York. In December 2016 it was complete.

The new EP is available to download now on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play worldwide and features the singles Cure and the title-track Clarity: watch the brand-new video clicking on the image and stream the whole EP on Spotify.

THE MATINEE will dance on your grave mercoledì, 22 marzo 2017 21:57 by madseason
The Matinée - Dancing On Your Grave

Vancouver rockers The Matinée released their sophomore album Dancing On Your Grave last February 17 via Light Organ Records.

Recorded over two lengthy sessions at Vancouver's 604 Studios, Dancing On Your Grave was produced by Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, REM, Courtney Love), and is a triumphant culmination of spontaneous creativity, mindful and often therapeutic lyricism and a heart swelling collision of hook-infused rock and earthy roots influenced songs –all written, jammed and recorded on the spot in studio.

Dancing On Your Grave showcases the dynamic musicianship of The Matinée and explores the growth and transformation of the band as a whole. The recording of the album took place in the wake of a series of personal upheavals within the group: marriages, children, and an emotional breakup saw each member take time away from the band to gain some much needed perspective. "We were all going through big life changes," vocalist Matt Layzell recalls. "After a difficult split, I found myself disappearing on solo road trips into the wild with my dog, trying to clear my head."

Lead single and title track, Dancing On Your Grave showcases smoldering guitar riffs, impassioned vocals and magnetic storytelling. The song premiered late last fall and delivered a visually and technically stunning video, replete with Google Tilt Brush virtual reality technology and tilt brush artist Hannah MacAuley's impressive creativity and ability to infuse the video with vivid colours. Watch the video clicking on the image and stream the whole new album on Spotify now.

Acceptance - Fire And Rain

As I posted last year, Acceptance, the Seattle-based alternative pop-rockers which released their first full length album, Phantoms, 11 years ago on Columbia Records, reunited after a ten year hiatus to work on brand new music.

Acceptance took money from the shows they were playing and invested it into self-funding their sophomore record; then they booked the top-producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, Kutless, Number One Gun) and started writing songs; as those funds started to get low, the band partnered with PledgeMusic and people pre-ordering the record helped them finish it.

Colliding By Design was finally released last February 24 via Rise Records. After all this year, the sound of Acceptance is surely matured; the songs show a more polished songwriting, more depth, smooth refrains and some (mandatory, in these days) 80's influences.

A few single/videos were lifted off the new album: Diagram Of A Simple Man (watch an amazing acoustic performance of the song here) , Haunted and the new one, Fire And Rain: watch the just released video clicking on the image, and, as ususal, stream the whole record on Spotify.

Black Map - Run Rabbit Run

Black Map is the union of three established Northern California rock musicians, driven by a shared dedication to big riffs, big drums and powerful, straight-ahead, all enveloping rock n' roll. Black Map consists of the versatile voice and walloping bass groove of Ben Flanagan (Trophy Fire), the wall-of-sound big riff histrionics of guitarist Mark Engles (dredg) and the unstoppable driving force and tasteful skill of drummer Chris Robyn (Far). 

Black Map's second full-length album In Droves dropped last Friday, March 10, via eOne (USA) and Long Branch Records/SPV (Europe). The album release was anticipated by the leading single Run Rabbit Run (watch the video clicking on the image), one of the harder songs on the album, that also includes mellower, atmospheric tracks and more experimental, progressive, growing numbers.

If you like bands like Tool and Chevelle and, in general, deep alternative rock with meaningful lyrics, then stream In Droves on Spotify now.

The Moment of DAYBREAK EMBRACE mercoledì, 15 marzo 2017 21:48 by madseason
Daybreak Embrace - The Moment

Formed in 2009, South Florida based band Daybreak Embrace aims to become more than a genre. Though their foundation is firm on energetic rock, Daybreak Embrace members take pride in being true admirers of all music. Listening you may find they pull influence from many different directions such as Electronic, Alternative, R&B, Progressive, Metal, and more.

In 2010 the American band released its first EP, Tomorrow Awaits, under the direction of Producer Paul Trust, who also produced Mercury, their second EP released in 2013. After two semi-national tours and global sales under the independent label, Capsule Music, Daybreak Embrace has begun to establish themselves as a mainstay in the coming generation of innovative music.

Daybreak Embrace's newest single is The Moment, a powerful, anthemic song a la Shinedown, Adelitas Way or One Less Reason. Released a few weeks ago, it's a tribute to the fans and family they've gained on a cross-continent journey full of love, life and loud music.

The related video was self-filmed and uses footage from their performance at Woodstock Poland 2016, both live stage shots and behind the scenes moments. Watch it now clicking on the image.

CIRCA WAVES: waking up Different Creatures lunedì, 13 marzo 2017 21:42 by madseason
Circa Waves - Fire That Burns

Different Creatures is the title of English indie rock band Circa Waves' sophomore release. It was released last Friday, March 10, via Virgin EMI Records, and was co-produced by none other than Alan Moulder (Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Foo Fighters just to name a few).

Different Creatures is the follow-up to Young Chasers, who spawned the hit single T-Shirt Weather.

While still being absolutely entertaining, with a lot of catchy songs, the new album shows a develop in sound and songwriting: a sign that the band from Liverpool is maturing and doesn't want to play the same song over and over.

From the rockin' opener Wake Up, "a big and bold way to start: it shows we're not messing around anymore," to the slow-paced closing number Old Friends, Different Creatures is a collection of lively song you simply can't miss.

Watch the video for the new single Fire That Burns clicking on the image and stream the whole new album on Spotify.

Zayde Wølf - Home

Zayde Wølf is the indie rock solo project of Dustin Burnett, a chart-topping songwriter and Grammy-nominated producer. At the end of 2015, Dustin began working with the L.A.-based licensing company Lyric House. The company sent him a custom opportunity to create a song for a movie trailer, and Burnett -unable to find someone else to sing on the track- decided to record his own vocals. The company loved the result.

What had begun as a movie trailer project had expanded into something unique: a new musical project called Zayde Wølf. The response was tremendous, with more than 100 movie trailers, video games, TV shows and promos, and other outlets licensing Zayde Wølf's music. Placements such as the movie trailer for Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher, XBox's FarCry Primal video game trailer, the Rio Olympics, UFC, MTV's Teen Wolf, Showtime's Shameless, the movie trailer for Rio, I Love You, NBC's the Night Shift, ABC's hit show Dancing With The Stars, to name a few.

Zayde Wølf's debut album Golden Age was released last year and features 13 songs fueled by aggressive guitars, gang vocals, sweeping soundscapes, stomping percussion, and pop hooks: a mix of melody and muscle, groove and guitar, old habits and new beginnings.

Last Friday, March 3, Zayde Wølf released The Hidden Memoir, a new 4-track EP that includes Built For This Time, the first ZW song ever written, re-invented with a cinematic mood. This in turn sparked the idea to create a music video around the new version. This video's protagonist is played by Burnett's youngest son and borrows part of its narrative from the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale, peppered in with the dark and eerie aesthetic of Netflix's Stranger Things.

The Hidden Memoir showcases Zayde Wølf's signature sound: powerful, adrenaline-rushing, alternative-pop songs that will appeal to fans of Imagine Dragons, Bastille, OneRepublic, X Ambassadors, The Black Keys. Stream the EP on Spotify, watch the just released lyiric video for Home clicking on the image and download an exclusive introduction-EP from NoiseTrade for free.