Jake Fields - The Other Side Of Waiting

Jake Fields is a Los Angeles & Nashville based singer/songwriter and guitar player.

For Jake Fields, all it took was $70 and a thrift store visit to drop professional baseball aspirations to dedicate his life to music. What Fields got in return was a guitar, amplifier, and an unrelenting dream to become a professional musician. After falling deeply in love with songwriting and performing, Jake Fields decided to focus his ambition towards becoming a full-time musician and eventually releasing an EP of original tracks.

Today, those ambitious goals have become his reality. Fields has recently teamed up with established producer Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Marc Broussard) to record his first EP, Someday You'll Be Mine, which is expected to drop in early 2019.

The Other Side Of Waiting is the title of Jake Fields' new single, released today and produced and co-written by McGorman: from the driving guitar that's reminiscent of early 2000s pop-rock, to the energetic vocals that have become a staple of modern pop, this release showcases Fields' innate ability to deconstruct genres and reshape them into his own unique sound.

The Other Side Of Waiting is a solid, anthemic and addictive song that should appeal to fans of powerpop bands like Until June, Rooney, Mêlée or The Feeling.

Buy/stream this little gem on digital music platforms.

MAEFIRE: pop rock brilliance! Tuesday, 23 October 2018 20:46 by madseason
Maefire - Baby, Please

Maefire is a brilliant modern pop-rock band from Melbourne, Australia, featuring David Scammell on vocals, Cameron Leigh Eaton and Dave Tran on guitar and Geoffrey Mark Taylor on bass.

Maefire independently released their debut album I Am Not Afraid Of The Dark last September 20: produced by Samuel K Sproull (The Getaway Plan, Villainy) and engineered by Jon Grace, it was recorded at Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne with Nicholas Andrew handling the drum duties.

I Am Not Afraid Of The Dark is an album for lovers of fresh, energetic, catchy pop rock songs, rich in tone and texture, finely crafted and professionaly delivered.

I can hear similarities with Finnish band The Rasmus in their heyday, with traces of Aussie acts Invertigo and, why not, Savage Garden.

All in all, a safe buy for infectious pop rock addicted: stream the album on Spotify and watch the video for the leading single Baby, Please clicking on the image.

Bad-ass new album for MODERN SPACE Friday, 19 October 2018 21:18 by madseason
Modern Space - Flip For It

Flip For It is the title of the new album from Newmarket, Ontario, infectious indie pop band Modern Space.
Released last September 14 on WEA, it immediately marks a great leap forward from the tenderfoot songs they laid out on 2016's Before Sunrise. Channelling influences such as The Vaccines and The Strokes – whose song The Modern Age inspired the first half of the band's name – Modern Space have returned with a new album that beams with a newfound assuredness.

Each and every one of the cuts feels ready for heavy A-list rotation – from A Small Pocket, a song the Strokes will wish they'd written a decade ago, to the soon-to-be massive sing-along anthem that is Just Quit, to the sleek, Motown throwback of the title track, Flip For It is a case of all killer, no filler.

For frontman Sean Graham, however, this move forward has all been the result of him reaching a new level of maturity. "The biggest difference is that I've grown up in that time [between records]," he explains. "I got to travel, so a lot of it was written outside of Toronto. I was still young when we made Before Sunrise. I was only 21 when I wrote it. Now I'm 25. This record is more just about drinking, meeting people, being outrageous and having fun. It's faster. It's louder. It's a bit more bad-ass."

And it's a joy to listen to: buy/stream at all the major outlets out there and watch the video for the title-track clicking on the image.

Palaye Royale - Death Dance

Toronto-based art-rock trio Palaye Royale released their highly anticipated new album Boom Boom Room (Side B) last September 28 via Sumerian Records.

According to the band, the recording process for their sophomore album started in January 2018. However, the entire album got scrapped and was reconstituted over the course of five months, completed a week before the band left for the final Warped Tour.
The record is the follow up to Boom Boom Room (Side A) from 2 years ago and completes the two part album Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room (Side B) debuted on the Billboard charts with 8,000 equivalent album units, reaching position number 12 on Top Rock Albums and 89 on the Billboard 200 charts.

If you still don't know this band, then take the music of The Libertines and early day Artic Monkeys, blend it with the music of My Chemical Romance, add the swagger of the British Invasion, the flamboyance of glam rock and the reckless abandon of punk: the result you'd get would be Palaye Royale.

Palaye Royale are quite the phenomenon. Uniquely encompassing the worlds of music, art, fashion and philosophy and equally at home in the hallways of Los Angeles Fashion Week as they are climbing the lighting tresses at the Vans Warped Tour, they have been dubbed "The Hottest Band of 2018" and simply "the" group of the year by the music press. Having graced the covers of magazines on both sides of the pond this year, singer Remington Leith, guitarist Sebastian Danzig and drummer Emerson Barrett are right on the brink of crossing the divide between success and superstardom.

Rock 'n' Roll for a new generation? I don't know, but there's some roast under the smoke.

Buy/stream Boom Boom Room (Side B) on all digital platforms and watch the video for the latest single off the new album Death Dance clicking on the image.

SAM HALE: Somewhere Between Love & War Friday, 12 October 2018 11:34 by madseason
Sam Hale - Somewhere Between Love & War

Sam Hale is a Persian-American singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. His musical influences have blended over time to produce a rich musical landscape consisting of ethereal synths and beats, electric guitars and live drums.

After years of sharing his music in Los Angeles, Hale decided to continue his journey in Nashville where he worked on his third EP titled Somewhere Between Love & War with Sam Kassirer, known for producing and performing with Josh Ritter.

Somewhere Between Love & War is released today, October 12, and it's a project infused with Hale's love for rock, blues, electronic, pop, and hip-hop in a way that appeals to his heart.

The EP holds nothing back, as Hale gives listeners a deep glimpse into his personal struggles. He explains, "In the past year, I have made a lot of sacrifices and shifted my energy quite a bit and this EP shows my process through it all. I told myself, I could either be the safe version of myself, or the boldest. I chose the latter."

Hale's powerful indie rock voice is both timeless and chilling, giving a sense of maturity that fits with the melancholic sound and lyrics. The songwriting is honest, genuine, and the delivery is deeply emotional and touching.

Somewhere Between Love & War is available on all major digital distribution channels, so do yourself a favor and stream/download this beautiful piece of art.

Debut EP for new Texan wonder SUNSLEEP Tuesday, 9 October 2018 23:55 by madseason
Sunsleep - I Hope To See Again With Brand New Eyes

I'm a little late on this. Time to make amends as these five guys from Dallas, Texas, delivered one of the best EPs of the year so far.

Sunsleep was formed on January 1st of 2017 and consists of five members: Devin Barrus (vocals), Miles Croney (guitar), Lance Nerio (guitar), Dylan Woods (bass), and Mason Croney (drums).

The band was originally formed as a studio writing project but after the release of their debut single, Fever, the band quickly turned into what we know of it today.

As musicians they're looking to push the boundaries between an aggressive rock sound fused with ambient pop melodies and catchy choruses. And they're reaching their goal, judging from their debut EP, I Hope To See Again With Brand New Eyes, released  last September 7 (Manifest Group) and produced and mixed by excellent producer Erik Ron (Dance Gavin Dance, Slaves, Godsmack).

I Hope To See Again With Brand New Eyes features 5 brilliant and emotional alternative pop rock songs crafted with the expertise of an established act.

And this is just the beginning: with a little luck and some wise management, I feel Sunsleep will be huge soon.

Watch the video for the single Dive here and buy/stream this little jewel via your favorite digital retailer (click on the image).

HUNGER: Naked The Video Friday, 5 October 2018 21:39 by madseason
HUNGER - Naked

After enjoying millions of Spotify streams as well as commercial features, HUNGER is back with another banger. Visceral, unique, and evocative, Austrian trio HUNGER create an immersive experience with a new cinematic music video for their song Naked.

Guided by catchy lyrics, Naked combines a harmonic blend of electro-pop and alt-rock to create a track that's bound to resonate with the pickiest of ears.

Exploring themes of self-acceptance and individuality, Naked is an anthem of inspiration for listeners who find themselves overly self-conscious.

Credits of the song include production by Daniele Autore, mixing by Jeremy Wheatley, and mastering by Joe La Porta, all of which have collectively worked with artists like Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, and The Neighbourhood.

Watch the exciting music video for Naked clicking on the image.

Low Payout for BIG MOTHER GIG Tuesday, 2 October 2018 21:57 by madseason
Big Mother Gig - Low Payout

Dusting off their instruments, Big Mother Gig honed in on their grunge '90s roots, bottled them up and brought them straight into 2018 for their new single, Low Payout, available to stream or download now on all your favorite digital music platforms worldwide (click on the image for links).

Teaming up with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' front-man, Dicky Barrett, the single is a guitar-heavy anthem for the ages.

"There's a bite and a crunch to this song both musically and lyrically that really appeals to me," says Barrett. "[I] was honored to be asked and happy to be a part of [Low Payout]."

While the track thumps and pulses with sonic energy, the lyrics unearth the apprehension and agitation felt by the country's working class. "The song is an ode to the working class and how they inevitably have bowed out of the political process out of frustration and anger. The rich keep getting richer and the poor are getting drunk, as Paul Westerberg once said," explains lead singer Richard Jankovich. Barrett's gritty tone compliments the prominent grunge bass line found throughout the song. The two instruments, Barrett's vocals and Micah Lopez's bass, push one another's tones to their highest possible caliber.

Low Payout wil be included in Big Mother Gig's upcoming LP, No More Questions. "Songs with an edge, a punk attitude, and heartfelt songwriting," promises Jankovich!