WILDLIFE in the Age Of Everything sabato, 3 dicembre 2016 16:59 by madseason
Wildlife - 2017

Toronto indie rock band Wildlife released their new, third full-length album Age Of Everything last October 4 via Wax Records.

The members of the band wrote to their fans about the contents of the new record, stating "This music is about change. Changing the way we look at things to adapt to this new world. Myself, and the majority of my friends, come from the last generation of humans who were alive before the digital age created a new god in our image and laid waste to so much, for better or worse, that came before. This is a position of privilege and of damnation. One foot in the old century, where time had remained traceable for millennia; the other in this New Age, where time feels like holding your hand in front of your face forever, looking ever so gently into the next dimension. Many of us are entrenched in our own nostalgia, grasping at things and feeling and ideas to tie us to a version of the world that makes sense; others live by the un-breaking doctrine that new is by definition better. Hopefully Age Of Everything is a little bit of both."

Age Of Everything is an awesome indie pop-rock album full of uplifting synth-led songs, anthemic chorus and highly enjoyable melodies.

Watch the "New Years" video for the track 2017 clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.

Dear Me: 12 emotional diary entries from OWEL mercoledì, 30 novembre 2016 16:41 by madseason
OWEL - Paper Hands

One of the best sophomore releases of the year is Dear Me, the second full-length album from New Jersey-based indie outfit OWEL, co-produced by vocalist Jay Sakong and Gates' vocalist Kevin Dyereleased and released last November 11 on Equal Vision Records.

Featuring delicate, dreamy vocals with lush five-part harmonies, elegant string arrangements and a tasteful touch of electronic elements throughout, the band has created a truly stunning sound on Dear Me that is all their own and simultaneously feels classic and modern. On the album, dramatic crescendos and dynamic soundscapes weave behind ethereal vocals, gracefully leading listeners on a phenomenal sonic journey of reflection, curiosity and contemplation.

"The songs on this record feel a lot like diary entries to me. In this case, the phrase 'dear me' can be read as both an expression of regret and the beginning of a letter to oneself. I see it as both," notes Jay Sakong. "That's the nice thing about lyrics in songs - you can pretty much reveal the most secretive parts of yourself and not feel as exposed as if you just said it out loud."

I'd like to recommend Dear Me to lovers of emotional alternative poprock, and fans of Keane, Starsailor, Death Cab For Cutie and the most atmospheric songs of Feeder.

Watch the video for the new single Paper Hands clicking on the image and stream Dear Me on Spotify now.

A new star is rising in the MERCURY SKY lunedì, 28 novembre 2016 17:58 by madseason
Mercury Sky - SleepDreamWake

Here is another much promising band from down-under: Mercury Sky are a Sydney 5-piece band, inspired by bands like Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Karnivool, The Mars Volta, Tool, as well as the Sydney local scene.
Their aim is to combine the love of original music and its complexities within their instruments with the simplicity and wide appeal of rock music to create what could be best called progressive/alternative rock.

Mercury Sky released their debut self-Titled EP in 2014 to great acclaim from reviewers and listeners alike, followed by the single Sosonal in 2015. Sosonal pushed the band's boundaries a little more and reflected the nature of the year it was created: wild, unpredictable and a little dangerous.

Now is the time of the awesome new single SleepDreamWake: produced and mixed by Dave Petrovic (COG, Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses) and Mercury Sky at the Electric Sun Studios in Sydney, was released last November 4 and you can stream it on BandCamp or watch the official lyric video clicking on the image.

"With this one, we decided that it was time that we had our own little crack at a love song, so we hope you feel the vibes" wrote the band about SleepDreamWake, adding "Rather ironically, this is the first song that we have chosen to welcome the 7-string guitar into the Mercury Sky arsenal with the warmest of embraces."

Both Sosonal and SleepDreamWake will be included in the band's second EP, to be released in the first half of 2017. Stay tuned for more info about it.

Talking about happiness: THE WIND + THE WAVE venerdì, 25 novembre 2016 15:36 by madseason
The Wind + The Wave - Grand Canyon

It's time to cover this very special act, The Wind + The Wave, featuring ex-Soldier Thread singer Patricia Lynn and her music partner, Dwight Baker: Dwight worked both in front of the microphone as well as in the recording studio for Alpha Rev, Brandi Carlile, Blue October and Bob Schneider. In addition, Baker has also written music for Kelly Clarkson, and is the owner/operator of Matchbox Studios in Austin.

The duo released last October 28 their sophomore album, Happiness Is Not A Place, their first full-length on Island Records and followup to 2014's critically acclaimed LP From The Wreckage (RCA Records).
The new album from this indie folk rock/alternative country with southern vibes duo is "rawer and rougher" than its predecessor, explains Baker, and it "sounds reckless with a rock and roll spirit and attitude."

The album was produced by Butch Walker (Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Pink, Weezer to name a few), and the result is the sound of a band that has stretched itself and grown. The duo sonic palette is nervier, thanks to the album being recorded live by Butch. Lynn manages to dig even deeper with her lyrics, exploring her feelings about marriage, commitment, and family, while acknowledging her own frantic mind. "Happiness is a journey, not a destination" says Patty about the main theme of the album. "You're constantly making an effort to be a better person and that's what makes you happy or content with your life."

Watch the video for the leading single off the new album, Grand Canyon, clicking on the image, and stream the whole affair on Spotify or on YouTube.

Robert Loud - Intentional

Provo, UT-based electronica newcomer, Robert Loud, has just released his debut single entitled, Intentional .

Also known as the lead-guitarist and co-lead singer of indie-rock outfit, Fictionist, Robert Connolly (aka Robert Loud) has shifted focus to his solo project that marks a radical break from the band, the genre, even the instrument to which he's dedicated most of his career.

Channeling dancehall-inspired electronica and 80s synth-driven ballads, Loud uses analog synths and retro drum machines in a post-nostalgic exploration of love and adulthood.

His first EP will be released in early 2017 via Harbour Records. Meanwhile check Intentional (featuring Janessa Smith of Goldmyth) on SoundCloud and watch the video clicking on the image.

WILD DOMESTIC: a Singular Author lunedì, 21 novembre 2016 21:57 by madseason
Wild Domestic

Indie/alternative rock band Wild Domestic is the brainchild of Matt Carlson. Born in Paraguay, Carlson moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when he was six months old, and it is where he resides to this day.

After spending the last few years writing and performing both locally and nationally, Carlson released his self-titled debut EP, Wild Domestic, in 2015.

The follow up EP is titled Singular and is slated to be released in January 2017. The first single off the new EP is Author, a gripping rock anthem about the haunting feeling of paranoia after a relationship has ended.

Author was produced and mixed by Mike Pepe at MDDN Studios in Burbank, Los Angeles (owned by Benji & Joel Madden of Good Charlotte); it's a brutally honest, highly enjoyable, alternative rock track with a strong sound reminiscent to Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and a punk version of Counting Crows.

Download the new single on iTunes or stream it on Spotify or SoundCloud, and stay tuned for more news abiut the upcoming EP.

ROYAL TEETH: Professionaly Amateurs venerdì, 18 novembre 2016 16:05 by madseason
Royal Teeth - Amateurs

Royal Teeth is an American indie pop band from formed in 2010. They released their debut EP Act Naturally in 2011 and debut LP Glow in 2013. The full-length record featured the hit Wild, a spirited anthem driven by the sparkling vocal chemistry between singers Nora Patterson and Gary Larsen, that propelled the band to multiple TV, film, commercials, ads and video game placements, guest appearances on Last Call with Carson Daly and American Idol (at the personal invitation of fellow Louisiana native Harry Connick, Jr.) and slots at festivals, including Austin City Limits, and SXSW,.

Royal Teeth's new EP is released today, November 18, on Round Hill Records. It is called Amateurs, despite the fact that, after five years, three cities, two albums, various personnel changes, and hundreds of days on the road, the Louisiana quartet is definitely an ensemble of well-seasoned pros. The title is a literal etymological reading of the word: the French amateur from the Latin verb "to love", applied in this case as a mission statement and a reminder of why they do what they do.

Both the sounds and the overarching themes on Amateurs are tougher, more mature and more surehanded than Royal Teeth's previous outings. They play like a band that's honed itself down to its core chemistry, musicians who know what they want to do and how to do it. But they also play with pure joy, ease, and love of what they're doing - like amateurs.​

Anthemic indie pop lovers and everybody with a spot on a feel-good melody, should stream Amateurs on SoundCloud or on Spotify now.

In The Middle: the new EP from MONA mercoledì, 16 novembre 2016 16:14 by madseason
Mona - In The Middle

Mona, the alternative rock five-piece from Nashville, released their new EP In The Middle last October 28 on their new label Bright Antenna Records.

This is the band's first set of music in 2 years. They've seen a lot in just a few years and have emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh and vibrant set of newly penned songs that may well be the best of their career.

"We have always been a tight knit group, but the vibe is the best it's been and we are looking forward to bringing these songs to the public," says front man Nick Brown. "Very few things matter in this world, and we think music is one of them."

Nick handled the production duties of the new EP, with knobs-superstar Mark Needham helping with the mixing.

So, if you still haven't listened to In The Middle, click on the image and stream it now on Spotify.