WITHIN REASON: back to the battlefields venerdì, 21 aprile 2017 21:42 by madseason
Within Reason - Battlefields

Within Reason is an American rock band from Birmingham, Alabama, formed in 2005. After two albums, a couple of singles charting on Active Rock radio, major tours and festivals, important commercials, a feature on GRAMMY Live from the Red Carpet during the pre-show in 2013, the band disappeared from my radar.
But Within Reason weren't take a break at all, as I just found out that, after a tour with Buckcherry, the band began writing for their third album: they completed a fall tour with Seether and Saint Asonia in October 2015 and a winter tour in 2016 with Hinder, and then started recording the new album, co-produced by Hinder's Cody Hanson and Marshal Dutton.

The new record is titled Battlefields - Life Love And War, and was self-released last March 31. If you're into active rock, hard rock, anthemic powerful rock and band like 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin and Hinder, then stream Battlefields on Spotify and check some lyric videos for the more representative songs on the album on the band's YouTube channel.

Debut EP for new industrial rock band NEON COVEN mercoledì, 19 aprile 2017 21:42 by madseason
Neon Coven - Risen

Neon Coven, the new industrial rock band from Los Angeles, CA, released its debut EP Risen last February 1st via New Ocean Media. Recorded in Hollywood, the EP was produced by Jacob Bunton (of Lynam fame). The band is comprised of Anthony Montemarano on vocals, Ace Von Johnson on guitar, Kyle Cunningham on drums and the aforementioned Jacob Bunton on bass.

The EP consists of 4 tracks ranging from songs about survival and balance to emotionally charged anthems.

The album's title Risen is a dedication to the fallen and broken who refuse to back down and give up on their dreams. "The idea behind music is to connect, create and inspire" states frontman Montemarano. "Between life and death, we are always riding the quantum edge.

"These songs reflect on the uncertainties of life and coming to grips with our own mortality" adds Bunton. "The only guarantee we have in life is that one day it will end. It's up to each one of us to create our own destiny and live life to it's fullest. The world is full of ups and downs, but I've always believed in the Rocky Horror quote 'if you can dream it, you can be it'."

Musicwise, Neon Coven abandoned much of the ethos of the tradition of heavy rock to create an intellectual and theoretical sound, linked to an emphasis on anthemic, synth-heavy dance-rock and melodic vocals.

Stream this amazing EP on Spotify or on SoundCloud now!

Halflives - Echo

You may remember my post about Halflives, the Italian alternative rock band, from last September.

The group from Modena is releasing today their debut album Empty Rooms, an awesome alt.rock/pop rock 8-tracks record, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Francesco "Katoo" Catitti.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, singer Linda Battilani said, "I was finding myself in a really dark place when writing these songs and I used the feelings I was carrying with me to give birth to something new, something deeper from everything that was written before. The inspiration came from different pieces of my life, including things I've seen on tour, things I've felt even by just staring outside of the ferry approaching to the white cliffs of Dover under the rain. Each song is a different empty room where I've let my feelings flow, you can visit them all and find a piece of us in each of them, a story, in each of them."

Watch the video for the latest single off of Empty Rooms, called Echo, clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.

FORGET TOMORROW are The Real Thing mercoledì, 12 aprile 2017 21:54 by madseason
Forget Tomorrow - The Real Thing

Forget Tomorrow is a dynamic six-piece alternative rock/R&B band from Wolcott, CT. The band has released a couple of EPs so far, Identity in 2015 and Wasted Time last year.

Wasted Time was produced, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Baylis (Sylar, Conditions, My Enemies & I) and truly depicts the evolution and maturation of Forget Tomorrow's sound.

Both their R&B and hardcore influences are evident in these songs, giving the band an extremely catchy, polished, and passionate piece of material.

The American act is now doing what it takes to advance to the next level, and are currently pursuing record labels, management groups, and booking agents to help them further their musical career.

Meanwhile they released two brand new singles in the last two months: The Real Thing (watch the video clicking on the image), and Say No More, whose lyric video can be watched following this link.

They're are both finely crafted and catchy pop rock songs with all the characteristics of Forget Tomorrow's sound, so go check them out now.

Debut album for HONEST MEN lunedì, 10 aprile 2017 22:35 by madseason

Honest Men is an indie alternative rock band from Wako, Texas. Formed in the spring of 2015 after winning Baylor University's battle of the bands, their local fanbase grew. In the summer of 2016, Honest Men journeyed to Nashville, TN to record their debut album Okay Dreamer with producers Jared Fox and Jacob Schrodt at Fox Den Studio.

The album was independently released last January, 20: taking a familiar story and telling it in an unfamiliar way, the album brings listeners on a journey through desert and fire, kings and kingdoms, death and life.

If you're a fan of Colony House, Young the Giant, Coldplay, COIN or Bad Suns, download Okay Dreamer for free on NoiseTrade or stream it on Spotify.

NO MONEY KIDS: electro-blues from France venerdì, 7 aprile 2017 21:15 by madseason
Hear The Silence - Take Me To Your Home

No Money Kids are an electro-blues duo from Paris, France, composed of young singer-guitarist Félix Matschulat and bassist-sampler-arranger JM Pelatan.
Born from a studio meeting in 2013, No Money Kids released their first EP Old Man in March 2014, followed by their full-length debut I Don't Trust You in November 2015.

Their songs appeared in a number of advertising, TV series and movies (Puma, Night Shift, Banshee, Misconduct with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins).

Hear The Silence is the title of their brand new second album, released last March 24 on Lqcg/Roy Music. Not easy to pigeon-hole, their music merges the classical style of the old school blues with modern electronic patterns.

Take as exemple the leading single of the new album, Take Me To Your Home: the band put out a video for the song, and you can watch it clicking on the image above.
Also, you can stream this awesome album in its entirety on the BandCamp page of  the band.

Stay with DRAWING NORTH mercoledì, 5 aprile 2017 22:59 by madseason
Drawing North - Stay

Canberra's alternative pop-rock trio Drawing North, today releases their newest single Stay. The single is the first new music since their debut album El Dorado last year which peaked at #3 on the iTunes chart.

The new single, written by members Michael Po and Drew Southwell, is a song that aims to encapsulate the feeling of elation with another person.

It is produced by renowned producer/songwriter Andy Mak (Boy & Bear, New Empire, Winterbourne) and co-produced by Drew Southwell of Drawing North. "This song is our favourite from our new batch of songs and it has had the most positive feedback from our live performance" Said Po, "We recently showcased at Sundance Film Festival & SXSW and had a sold out show in Utah that we captured on film for the official video".

Stream Stay on SoundCloud and buy the song on iTunes now.

The Way STATESIDE Were lunedì, 3 aprile 2017 21:36 by madseason
Stateside - The Way We Were

Stateside are a young, female-fronted, alternative pop-rock act from Brisbane, AU, that brings a fierce and unique sound to the scene.
Their debut EP Burning Bridges was released two years ago and reached position #30 on the iTunes Alternative Chart; since that release, the band has toured the country relentlessly to gather quite a strong fan-base nationwide.

A few days ago, Stateside dropped their brand new single: titled The Way We Were, it was released last March 21 an it's a catchy alt-pop rock tune that may appeal to fans of Paramore and Tonight Alive. Watch the official video for the The Way We Were clicking on the image and stay tuned for further news on this promosing act.