Control: KENSINGTON are back with new album lunedì, 31 ottobre 2016 15:30 by madseason
Kensington - Do I Ever

Kensington are a Dutch rock band from Utrecht. Formed in 2005, Kensington have a strong following in the Netherlands and are quite popular in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Their new (fourth full-length) album Control, released last Friday, October 28, via Universal Music Netherlands, can be their break-through record in the rest of the world.

Control is the band's strongest effort so far, chock-full of energetic and melodic alternative rock songs with great radio potential; add to the formula the beautiful, distinctive voice of lead singer Eloi Youssef, nice vocal harmonies and expert musicianship, and you get the picture of one of the best European album of the year.

The majority of the songs on Control were recorded in Rome which, as described by the band, took them out of their comfort zone, inspiring them to make new music.

Watch the video for the leading single Do I Ever, a "hands in the air, ask yourself if you've changed" song, according to guitarist Casper Starrefeld, clicking on the image and stream the whole new album on Spotify.

Olympia: a goodbye and hello from MEDIC sabato, 29 ottobre 2016 15:06 by madseason
Medic - If I Could Stay

Medic is a new band to me. They come from Denver, Colorado and are known for their high energy and beautifully melodic music that should appeal to fans of Copeland, Coldplay, U2 and Paper Route.

Since 2011, Medic has been traveling the country playing bars, clubs, schools, and main stage at festivals upwards of 50,000 people representing their 5 song debut EP Grace And Gravity. Over the years the band has enjoyed success on those 5 songs they never even dreamed while navigating the many successes and trails of growing up. Getting married, buying houses, life, death, and beyond, the band used all the experience stored up in the last five years to give us a transparent album that doesn't dare placate to the listener with cliches and emotional band-aids but a solidarity and earnestness to press on in the face of personal adversity.

This album, the full-length debut for Medic, is called Olympia and was released last June on Monogold Records, with production handled by lead singer Aaron Wagner and Brad Nyght.

Developing a sound that's well beyond their years and still true to their youth, Medic completed the lean but powerful 9 track work, Olympia, an album that the band says is altogether a goodbye and hello. A goodbye to a five year season and all of the trimmings of what life can throw your way and a hello to what is to come, which after listening is a bright future indeed.

Stream Olympia on Spotify or on BandCamp now!

THE STRIVE: playing at a Modern Pace mercoledì, 26 ottobre 2016 16:59 by madseason
The Strive - Subliminal Friend

The Strive is a Kansas City band that was formed in 2010 by a group of musicians with similar music tastes who'd met via social media.

In the last years, the band performed on bills with Fall Out Boy, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Neon Trees, Yellowcard and have been featured on Warped Tour.

After releasing an array of EPs and singles -including Kingdom, produced by Matt Noveskey of Blue October- The Strive went into their own studio in January and started recording material for Modern Pace, their 13-track debut album, produced by the band's drummer Stacy and independently released last October 14.

Featuring the new single Subliminal Friend (watch the video clicking on the image), Modern Pace is a rock record with pop melodies and a slight post-hardcore influence, that will please fans of radio-oriented powerful pop-rock and acts like Paramore, Relient K, The Used. Stream it now on Spotify!

Hot Confessions from SONIC SYNDICATE lunedì, 24 ottobre 2016 16:35 by madseason
Sonic Syndicate - Confessions

Sonic Syndicate isn't a new band at all, but their latest album Confessions, released last October 14, marks a significative departure from the sound the Swedish group was known for. Even their label is new, as they switched from Nuclear Blast to Despotz Records.

As Sonic's lead vocalist Nathan Biggs says "this [Confessions] is more than just a record, it's an autobiography of where we are now as a band and what has lead us to this moment in time".

Produced by Kritoffer Folin, Confessions is set to be the bands most diverse and unique work to date: the post-hardcore influenced sound is definitively gone, replaced by a heavy rock with synth hooks, great melodies and anthemic refrains.

Take as example the new single and title-track of the album, watching the just released video (click on the image).

Confessions can be entirely streamed on Spotify: check it out and let me know if this new version of Sonic Syndicate is good for you!

Crossing bridges with BEAUTIFUL MACHINES venerdì, 21 ottobre 2016 16:05 by madseason
Beautiful Machines - Real Love

Something more for synth pop lovers. San Francisco based trio, Beautiful Machines, dropped their sophomore release, Bridges, a couple of months ago.

The LP signals an evolution for this cinematronic-driven band with electronic hooks that are captivating and dreamy.
With vast sonic landscapes and transformative, yet optimistic themes, Bridges builds off of the band's debut album, Disconnect : : Reconnect, but certainly highlights a stylistic shift for the band. As the second installment in a concept album trilogy, Bridges tells a story of disconnecting from an old paradigm and crossing a bridge to a new reality.

"Bridges symbolizes positive transformation and change," says front man, Conrad Schuman. "This album is purposefully arranged to take the listener on a journey, like cycling through a Tron-grid landscape to launching into a euphoric stratosphere."

Beautiful Machines won the 2014 Independent Music Award for Album of the year, and I won't be surprised if they double the victory with Bridges, as this awesome record was entirely self-produced and independently released.

If you're into Depeche Mode, Goldgrapp, Underworld, Cut Copy, MGMT and good electronic rock music in general, you simply can't miss this band: stream Bridges on SoundCloud or on Spotify and download it on iTunes now!

THE RAMONA FLOWERS: Part Time Spies mercoledì, 19 ottobre 2016 15:39 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - Run Like Lola

Part Time Spies is the title of the second album from Bristol-based quintet The Ramona Flowers, a band that came together out of the ashes of several other projects, taking their name from the lead female character of the comic book and film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

The core of the group consists of guitar player Sam James, bass player Wayne Jones and keyboardist/guitarist Dave Betts, who met up with drummer Ed Gallimore and vocalist Steve Bird to begin crafting moody, electronically peppered alternative rock sounds influenced by the new wave, the synth pop and the electronic dance of the '80s.

Part Time Spies was recorded in late 2015 at The Distillery Studios in Bath and produced by the band with Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia, Nelly Furtado). it was officialy released last September 9 on Distiller Records.

Lyrically, Part Time Spies is a record surging with human warmth, filled with songs about the things that make life tick: death, rising rents, narcissism, broken relationships, selfies, the end of privacy, drunken nights out and hungover mornings in.

Sonically, it's an uneven record that will charm lovers of 80's acts like Ultravox, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and contemporary bands like Bastille, The Killers, White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club.

Watch the video for the latest single Run Like Lola clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.

The space voyages of I FIGHT FAIL lunedì, 17 ottobre 2016 16:35 by madseason
I Fight Fail - Are You Ok

I Fight Fail is a young alternative/space rock band from Canton, Ohio, formed in the Summer of 2013 by vocalist Andy Potter, accompanied by guitarists Daryl Johnson and Zach Negulis and drummer Anthony Carter, whom have all been writing music together since 2006.

Over the course of their career and earlier projects together, the guys in I Fight Fail have shared the stage with such bands as Go Radio, Hawthorne Heights, Breathe Carolina, Tonight Alive, Nothing More, Red Sun Rising and more. They have been featured in Alternative Press Magazine as well as Substream Music Press. They have played Warped Tour and been featured on local radio stations.

Voyages And Vantage Points is the band's second EP; it was released last October 7 on Standby Records and features 5 songs (plus intro) that mixes alternative guitar textures, electronica and pop/rock: a sort of combination between 30 Seconds To Mars and Angels And Airwaves.

The first single off the mini-album is Are You Ok. Watch the just released video clicking on the image and stream the whole, brilliant EP on Spotify now.

The Black Moods

One of the best albums released today is Medicine, the full-length debut from Phoenix, AZ, based alternative rock outfit The Black Moods.

Breathing new life into the raw, emotional energy of old school rock is The Black Moods' mission: the 12 excellent track included in Medicine are heavily influenced by the classic rock of the seventies (Bad Company, Led Zeppelin), yet they sound absolutely fresh and contemporary. And, most of all, highly enjoyable, thanks to strong melodies and irresistible hooks.

As said, Medicine drops today, September 14, on Another Century Records and is produced by Jim Kaufman (Night Riots, Anti-Flag, Helmet).

Speaking about the release, vocalist and lead guitar player Josh Kennedy comments, "It's impossible to put into words how amazing it feels to finally be releasing Medicine to the world. These songs have become our kids, we've watched them grow and evolve - now it's time to take 'em on the road and hope you enjoy them as much as we do."

Stream Medicine now on Spotify and enjoy an awesome retro-alternative rock jewel.